How to play

How to play Roosterama for iPhone – it’s real’ easy…

Start the game, click yourself through to the acual start, watch out for the “Ready”, “Steady”, “GO!” and rub your finger(s) up and down on your screen as quick as you can to power-up your rooster and run quicker during the long jump approach…

Start rubbing the screen with the "Go!" signal...As soon as the rooster starts skidding, stop rubbing and tap on the screen once in order to take off and hold your finger down for about half a second in order to find the right take-off angle.

Stop rubbing now...The take-off angle opens up from 0 degrees to 90 degrees within about a second.

Leave your finger on the screen, to choose takeoff angle

That’s all you can do. Now wait for results and train well for records and many cool achievements…

Your overall long jump performance is a combination of approach speed (how good your rubbing works), takeoff point (how short in front of the tree trunk you tap on the screen without falling) as well as your takeoff angle (how long your fingers stays on the iPhone screen after the takeoff). The results are presented shortly after your jump.

Have fun playing chicken sports long jump in roosterama!

Markus from SchnaX Software

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  1. Yes, you are right – these are old screenshots…
    The good news: the release version is way cooler – so don’t worry…
    Have fun playing Roosterama!

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