Roosterama is FREE TODAY!!! Go grab it and tell your friends…

FOR IMMEDIADE RELEASE: the news of the day for Roosterama players! Roosterama for iPhone is free today! We decided to promote the full version of Roosterama for short time only, before the launch of our feature limited freeware…


YOU BET! Never say never, but it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to get Roosterama for free soon again! So go grab it on the App Store and let your friends know about it!

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Have fun playing Roosterama!
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OUT NOW: Roosterama the brandnew Sports Game for iPhone is available on the App Store!

Download Roosterama from the App Store!The Chicken Sports Game Roosterama for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is now available on the App Store. Download and enjoy the funniest long jump out there in the fields with anime chicken & roosters!

Our beta-testers had a lot of fun, so will you  – but careful, don’t burn your fingers…
And be warned: flat-burned finger prints are occasional side-effects with passionate Roosterama Players. Rub like hell and please don’t tell anyone!

Available on the App Store: Roosterama

Dear iPhone – Gamers,
the waiting is over! Roosterama is arriving together with the international date line – which is not an achievement in Roosterama – on the App Stores worldwide:
Roosterama is available on the App Store
We’re happy to bring to you a high quality game for an almost ridiculous price of less than a coffee… Enjoy it an tell you friends if you like it!

Kind regards!

Markus from Roosterama!

Roosterama AppStore approval process – we made it…

Roosterama has passed the AppStore approval process with only a minor setback – a Meta Data correction we had to make – no problem…
OK, how did it work?
Well, we uploaded the Game – let’s say it was not REALLY a problem.
Upload to Apple for Review: Tuesday
In Review: the following tuesday (today)
Ready for Sale: Today.

It took exactly seven days from upload to approval – for us.

Questions on the process? Post’em…

Roosterama pre-release video – take a peek into this upcoming release…

Roosterama – a finger action game: rub the fun out of your phone! Roosterama is a brand new finger sports game for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. Made with love to make you laugh. Play chicken long jump with Harald, Eusebia, Bruno and Apollo. Pass & play party gaming fun, Game Center enabled…

Enjoy this pre-release video:

Yes, the video is a bit quick & dirty… and the pause screen will never happen to you 😉 – unless you rub with 4 fingers…! Try it!

Sneak preview: Roosterama – new chicken sports Game App for iPhone…

Hello Gamers,

good news are approaching. The iPhone Game Roosterama is nearly finished! Prepare and rub your fingers, it’s gonna be great fun! But – addicitive or not – please consult your Doc before playing… it IS sports – not only for the roosters! A real finger-workout. Guitar players may be in advantage.

Why? Roosterama is pure finger action. Rub the screen as quick as you can with your finger(s) to power-up your chicken for a good jump approach speed. Break records, play party games or compete with friends around the world via GameCenter. Collect weird achievements like The Chalice of St. Angle or the Rump Rocket on your way. We’re convinced you’d enjoy – if you could only get your hands on it…

Be prepared… polish your screen and stay tuned for more:

Kind regards! Thanks for NOT telling anyone 😉

Markus from SchnaX