Harald is ready for takeoff... RoosteramaHello World!

My name is Harald, I’m a male rooster. I live in Roosterama. My favourite hobby is longjump. Not sure if anyone broke my world record yet, but you may check it on the stats sheet of Roosterama the iPhone game.

My parents from SchnaX Software – Stefan Mattern and Markus Schueler – created me in early 2012. I was the first inhabitant on this little sporty planet. Gladly enough Bruno, Eusebia – our only chicken girl so far – and this other weird rooster called “Apollo” – showed up shortly after me…

Like all farm animals, we also have a private life. I’m lucky that my collegues here in Roosterama are enjoying longjump quite as much as I do, so we are very sporty pals out here.

Harald and his collegues, Bruno, Eusebia and Apollo from Roosterama

Most of the time we are training for new longjump word records, but it’s getting harder and harder, as a lot of part time jumpers are joining in daily. Some of them are breaking our records again and again, so we are mostly involved in party games lately – for the fun of it.

What if you just joined in and pushed us to new records…

Have fun playing (in) roosterama!

Harald from Roosterama

P.S.: thanks for not telling anyone… 😉


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